Hints of springtime…

The four of us are finally home, under one roof again, and it feels amazing. After three months apart, my husband, the kids, and myself have finally reconvened at our little house on the hill just in time to wait out the last vestiges of winter and welcome in the spring.

The weather in Arizona was at its annual epoch, with spring buds beginning to unfurl and the unyielding desert sun was not quite at the burning body assault level. It was perfect to warm up our weary Vermont winter bones, and the boys and I had a lovely visit with my family.

Back home in Vermont, the weather isn’t quite sure what it wants, but it was obliging when we returned with highs in the sixties before dropping to subzero temps to welcome in March. It’s been a yoyo, with warm sunny days, abruptly punctuated with below freezing temps that make me feel like I am living on the Arctic tundra. It’s like winter has to draw itself out as long as possible, coming and going in gasps of snow, ice, and frost that becomes a soggy mess in a day or two.

Which means….mud season is around the corner! This is probably Levi’s favorite “season,” because little kids+mud=best time ever. Yesterday I bought some seeds from the local hardware store and today I will begin my seedlings with Levi and map out the year’s garden! Hooray! Of course, I am far from a master gardener…one year down, and I’m still about as novice as it gets. My flower beds are in disarray and I am still scarred from being stung by the hornets in my rock garden whilst weeding last year so there’s that…

But I digress. Spring is soon to descend upon this house on the hill, and I am so ready for it. Of course…wouldn’t mind a few good ski runs before that happens, and looking at the forecast, you never know what March in Vermont will bring!

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