Welcome to This House on the Hill!

My name is Alana and you have stumbled upon my little nook in cyberspace, where you will find me chronicling adventures (catastrophes? revelations!?) as they unfold upon my little house on the hill. Stay tuned as I share my musings on life, parenthood, domestic (and not so much) matters, the great outdoors, and whatever else comes to mind. You may eventually find a recipe or two, crafting endeavors, or a play-by-play, white knuckled retelling of sliding down the steepest driveway in the state of Vermont on a cold icy day.  This blog may very well fall into the cliches that permeate the blogosphere, but mostly it’s a way for me to record this chaotic, transformative, and yet somehow serene season of my life in a place so bucolic and far removed from my desert gal roots. Thanks for stopping by, I am looking forward to this new venture!

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