Life…getting current edition

We are back in Vermont! It’s been two months since we touched down back at home base, and finally summer is unleashing its glory upon us. Florida was an amazing adventure; we were grateful to have the time we had there and the friendships we forged.

It is good to be home though. Summer Solstice was yesterday, and after what was a blustery morning, the afternoon opened up to beautiful blue skies and sunlight. Trevor had been away for a week and a half on a work trip and came home in the evening. I will say one thing for having a spouse who is often away-it really does make you appreciate them all the more, and he has said it makes him appreciate his family, home, and life.

A couple of things:

Levi is finished with preschool! He will be forging a new path at the next town over doing the Spanish Immersion Program, so his kindergarten class will be completely in Spanish! I’m trying to brush up with Duolingo. We loved his preschool program here in our town and it’s been hard knowing we are leaving this amazing school, but we have high hopes.

He came home from FL and transitioned right back into his former classroom like nothing had changed. It was such an incredible dynamic to witness; it was a great group of littles. Of course, I’m fairly certain he had the best preschool teacher in the world (who sadly won’t be Silas’ teacher-she’s moving to Vietnam to teach!) and she fostered such a wonderful, engaging, and nurturing environment the last two years. I am forever grateful that he had this time to set a foundation for his learning. He did finally (after three months) get into the premier area preschool in FL, and it was a change of pace, but he also thrived there as well. Sometimes he voices that he misses his friends he made in FL; it’s part of the military kid lifestyle. I am continually amazed at the gains he’s made this year and how well he’s weathered all the changes. I know ultimately this is good because he is learning to deal with the curveballs and nuances of life, and this will serve him well as we transition to Spanish Kindergarten and beyond. Love my boy.

Silas is now three years old, and officially potty trained! I am so proud of him for all the work he’s put into being a “big boy.” We celebrated his birthday at the end of our tenure in FL at the beach; it was a perfect day. As per his request, it was a “monster” themed birthday. We were gifted a sunny (albeit windy) day, and two of his little friends whose daddys are also part of the Southern VT contingent joined us for cupcakes and frolicking in the sand. He must have sensed the changes brewing, as the next couple weeks right before/after the move came with some behavioral challenges, but he overcame. The potty training came naturally, after numerous false starts from the time he turned two. I’ve come to realize this sort of thing has to be on their terms. Once it clicked though, it clicked, and he’s been proudly wearing his undies since.

He is also starting preschool next year, which I just can’t believe. Time has flown. I still remember like it was yesterday my tough/scary/stressful pregnancy/birth with him and I marvel at what a strong, healthy, curious kid he has grown to be. He thrives in his gymnastics class and loves to climb and help me in the kitchen with any task I’m willing to delegate. He still thinks Levi is the coolest person in the world, and emulates whatever his big brother is doing while still maintaining his independent attitude and outlook. He isn’t afraid to hold back what he feels. This three year old boy, who loves with all he has, has my heart.

Trevor finished up his F-35 training. Onto transition period! This means since there are no jets here that he has to go TDY once a month to stay current on flight hours. Honestly, it’s not too different from before we went along with him to his TX/IPUG, and it’s more an issue of finding the rhythm again which I’ve found has gotten harder as the boys become older and more aware. I find the key to be to keep us as busy as possible, as well as staying the course and sticking to routine! If we deviate things get messy.

We got some chicks. Initially we had 6 pullets from the feed store….without going into detail, 5 of the 6 met an untimely end. We then decided to keep the surviving pullet and get more chicks. This led us on a quest to an obscure village in central VT, where we paid $50 bucks for 10 Icelandic chicks. Apparently these little guys are half wild. They come in all kinds of different colors and feather styles…they are a landrace, bred for their traits, not looks. They love to forage their food and roost in trees. We’ve had them about a month now and they are pretty cool looking, though skittish. Trevor built a solid coop. I’m going into this knowing nothing is predator proof, and also that we may have to cull some roosters…we plan to keep one or two, but we will see what the numbers are as the chicks mature. The homestead life!

It’s the first year the gardens and yard are starting to come around. Plants I bought a few years ago are beginning to get bigger, and I’ve been cultivating a vision for our yard which is slowly beginning to crystallize. While we still have a long way to go, it feels good to see hard work paying off.

We plan to mostly hang around this summer. We have some weddings to attend, some house projects to accomplish, and a sweet fort to build for the boys. While we are enjoying these days, we also know winter is around the corner…it is VT after all! I am looking forward to the river trips, hiking, sun, and those slow, lazy, sunny days that encapsulate the summer vibes. We are savoring this beautiful season while it lasts.