Hello! I am Alana, a twenty something gal who has transplanted from the scorching sand, angry sun, and cacti-pocked desert of the American southwest (Arizona) to the verdant forest, rolling hills, and starkly disparate winters of Vermont (basically Siberia). What brought me here, may you ask?

Simply, it was a matter of love, with a dash of curiosity, and a longing for a more simple, present life. My husband hails from Vermont, and so together we built a dream of moving here to put down roots for our growing family. In 2015, our dream came to fruition, and we bought our first home, a cute little house with 15.6 acres on a hillside. I definitely miss the desert-you really can’t beat the vast, open plains in contrast to the lofty mountain peaks on a blue sky day, but there is just something endearing about raising my family in this quaint New England landscape.

At this juncture in life, my two most critical roles (though not all-defining) are that of mother and wife. I am a mother to two boys, a baby and toddler who shall be known as Monkey #1 (the three year old) and Monkey #2 (the baby). I am fortunate to be able to stay at home full time with my sons and make mommying my priority, however it wasn’t always that way. I was an elementary school teacher prior to my move here, and I intend to someday get back into teaching when my youngest is a bit older. With my teaching background, I really enjoy exposing my sons to activities that are fun and also educational.

I am also a military spouse, and that has widened my circle to include so many wonderful, caring people who really have a knack at building a community from nothing. I am inherently shy, so this was hard for me at first, but I’ve adapted and made some amazing friendships. My husband works very hard and I am so grateful to have found a partner who takes pride in both his work and family life. He is my better half!

I really love crafting, photography, drawing, painting, and figuring out ways to DIY. I am currently teaching myself how to sew and enjoy making things for my sons and home. I always have a project of some sort going on! I also enjoy gardening, cooking, yoga, a good book, and the great outdoors. As I update this blog, I plan to share my experiences, successes, and failures with my various ventures on here (i.e., what’s worked well and what hasn’t). This will include our many planned house projects for the future.

Thank you for stopping by to check out my blog!